Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Four Quarters Part 4: The Trail Episode 6

As you can see, I have done this episode of Scandal a little differently this time, splitting the show into four different posts (hints: Four Quarters). Couple things here to wrap this episode up, what is the role of Quinn? She is off having sex with the reporter Gideon, completely unaware of what is going on. Why has her character been introduced to the show, I know she has a significant role and they are really taking their time to develop her character. Right now all she seems to be is an errand girl, and knowing Scandal, there will be something more to come from her. Olivia is made aware that the tape that has been sent to the President was of that intimate night when they slept together. This puts a whole new spend on their perspectives, because before it was her versus him, now they realize they are in this together. Finally, Billy stabs Gideon in the throat when he threatens to make a story of him getting Amanda pregnant. Wow, that seemed a little drastic! Things are getting very interesting, stay tuned for my analysis on the season finale!

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