Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Similarities: Crash and Burn Episode 5

This episode starts off with a sense of eeriness as the team gathers suggestions of Amanda's whereabouts. Of course Quinn will offer the most obvious scenario that no one buys in to. Quinn feels Amanda just left on her own, but then Huck begins to let us in on his expertise as he declares this was a kidnapping. With Amanda Tanner's whereabouts unknown, the team has a big problem on their hands due to the immense burden that this case carries. Or so we thought this was a big problem as the questioning Quinn complains to Harrison why we are not doing anything to find Amanda, a plane crash site is revealed.

This was a very different way to start the show, because another event trumped the importance of the Amanda Tanner case. It was interesting to see it lose its importance to another high profile plane crash that a senator was aboard. It leave the viewer startled to see such a drastic switch biggest the tension was so high in the previous scene, yet now everyone has seemed to carry on. Harrison explains to Quinn that even when there doesn't look like something is being done, Olivia is working on it.

It seems like the press is going to try in put the blame of the crash on the pilot. Olivia and associates aren't to satisfied with that outcome. A flustered husband of the wife interrupts a meeting to explain his wife wouldn't have crashed that plane. Very briefly, I would like to address the fact that a lot of these clients just show up unannounced barging in. I don't know how realistic that may seem, especially with a women with the status of Olivia Pope, but Olivia should invest in some security. Anyway, we find out that this women may be classified as a alcoholic in the media based on her past drinking problems. The husband stands strong in his claim that his wife has been sober for months. This seems familiar and I am not sure why.

Okay, now I remember. This scenario seems a lot like Flight, you know the movie with Denzel Washington. Denzel tries to save a plane from crashing, but ends up making a crash land that saves more people than a full on crash. Denzel is blamed for being the fault of the crash because of his alcoholism. See any similarities? Well it looks like there is a strong case that leans to his wife being the reason for the crash, and Olivia is the only person who can clear her name.

Huck does some investigating using skills from his past life and finds Amanda's kidnapper. This was what was being done when Quinn that nothing was being done. Huck only came back to interrupt a typical busy day with Amanda Tanner is dead. Now this becomes interesting. Clearly its all pointing towards the President to have hired a hit-man. The President claims he didn't do it, so was it his sidekick Cyrus? Now Scandal taps into the side of government conspiracies and the secrets that get covered up. It shows how the ones speaking to enforce the rights will go right along and use their power to go against morals another man would get life for.

Harrison continues to deliver with his business first character. When listening to the tape Harrison is almost methodical as he puts the pieces of the puzzle together. Scandal's does a great job of portraying the process of problem solving. Also, Huck is setting up his scene for a deed he believes he owes Olivia. We find Huck with a naked Charlie strapped to plastic on the floor, Huck has many tools in which he will use to interrogate Charlie on Amanda's whereabouts. Well this also seem pretty reminiscent of something else. Yes, that's it, Dexter! The ritual of setting a nude body over plastic while Dexter speaks to his victim before he enjoys his kill. This scene had Dexter written all over it, and I appreciated the format. It was intense and dark as we went along a journey of Huck's past experiences.

In the end Charlie spilled the beans on Amanda Tanner's body. It was in the river under a bridge. Olivia's team found out the plane was malfunctioning therefore clearing the pilots name. It was slightly unsatisfying never getting an answer for whose to blame, but a very small issue compared to the suspense building from Amanda' body being discovered.

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  1. We as humans need to accept the fact that interruptions will occur. Maybe the way the writers of this show made these interruptions happen wasn’t too realistic, but in life, how realistic are all the things we get interrupted with? It’s interesting how family members/loved come out of the woodwork sometimes to back-up other family members. I always wonder if they do this for any type of benefit. I like how you made the connection to the Denzel Washington movie, Flight. And your brief mention of government conspiracies is intriguing. Anticlimactic endings happen more often than we might like when it comes to movies/TV, but if these flicks always ended the way we envisioned there would be no point to watching the entire episode. Proofreading for grammar mistakes would make your blog posts much soother to read, but besides that I think your thoughts are good!