Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Four Quarters: The Trail Episode 6

In unuasal fashion, Scandal starts of the show right were it left off the previous episode. The tension and mystery of why the President was at Olivia's house was undeniable. After a brief suspense filled sen between the President and Olivia Pope, we find the show finally giving us some history. I think this is a good strategy, because by this point viewers have become frantic fans and are dying to understand this unspoken chemistry between olivia and the President. We learn Olivia was always a smart coercive woman with her tactics simply by how she introduced herself to the President when he was governor. We learn that everything isn't a happy home in the Governor's life and it is very see through to the public. This displays how important public image is in knowing our politicians; even if they're nothing like they portray themselves, it satisfies the public.

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