Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Many Facets of Scandal: 2.14- 2.20 Episode

As I continue down my journey of Scandal, I would like to highlight the main aspects of the episodes 15-20 for this blog post. In Episode 14, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, David becomes Olivia's next client. David's journey through Scandal has been a rough one, as he embodies the saying "nice guys finish last". David just wanted to do right by the people and serve justice to offenders of the law. Now he finds himself in a position needing help from the person responsible for his judicial demise, Olivia Pope. Maybe the good doesn't always win, and the person with the highest influence does. Regardless, David may be down but he is not out, there may still be hope for what's right.

Episode 15, Boom Goes The Dynamite, continued to unravel the growing intertwined conflict. Information is being leaked, and there is a mole in the White House. Someone is after David and Olivia has good ole Huck watching his back. What's seen as interesting is that fact that even the most heavily trained killers have moments of breakdown. At the time of possible danger for David, Huck panics at the sight of rain. Everybody has some weakness no matter how strong or skilled they are. We see that reflected in Huck's scene in the car as he is reminded of the water-boarding. Olivia's team finds evidence that the head of the CIA may be the mole.
Episode 16, Top of the Hour, Quinn seems to be taking on the role of Huck's shadow as she learns the ins and outs of being a spy. They tail the Head of the CIA to find evidence that he is indeed the mole. Jake, who was ordered by the President to watch Olivia, is an interesting character. I can not tell if he is on the good side or not. Jake gives President Grant intel that the mole is the Head of the CIA.
Episode 17, Snakes in the Garden, we find out Hollis Doyle is not that crazy of a guy after all. I mean he puts on a good front, but when it comes down to his daughter's safety he folds and will do anything. Too bad she didn't feel the same. She lied about her kidnapping, got caught about lying, had to choose between money or family.  She choose money. Clearly she wasn't raised right, because if she had choose family she would have been rich anyway. Osbourne, Head of the CIA, was killed, but wait...he wasn't the mole.
Episode 18, Molly You In Danger Girl, Olivia gets put in the hospital by Jake for attempting to control her once she finds out he has been watching her. Jake's motives are unclear, he is influenced somehow with the mole, yet he does seem to have some concerns about Olivia. I am going to say he's no good.
Episode 19, Seven Fifty Two, was a great play on the psychology of a man. We learn the history of Huck and how his career took him away from his wife and son. As he stutters 752 throughout the show, we learn why being locked in a box damaged him so much. His job put him in a pit until he said he didn't have a family. 752 was the time he saw his wife and son years later but they failed to recognize him. One of my favorite Scandal plots to date.
Finally, I am current with Scandal in real time. Episode 20, A Women Scorned, shows Fitz finally let go and becoming the man he truly wants to be. Mellie tells the world Fitz is in an affair, and Fitz is enjoying Olivia Pope without a care in the world. Can't be mad at that! Be who you want to be, living someone else's life will only make you made at yourself for not having the courage to be who you are.