Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Waiting On The Economy

In my previous blog, I discussed how former President Bill Clinton will speak on behalf of Obama's policies for the economy. Obama realizes what's at stake here and could not have choose a better time to attempt to reassure American citizens about their economy. Although it is not the only issue by far, the economy has been seen to be the deciding factor when choosing a President. When the economy is good, the people are happy. This should be a major area of concern for Obama and his campaign.

Why should Obama be concerned? Well for one, he has been in the office these past four years, therefore the economy's current progress is based on his policies. Although the economy has made great strides since the recession at the beginning of Obama's term, many feel that this progress is moving too slow. The economy is still troubled and people need to feel confident that their economy is headed in the right direction. So the question comes down to do we trust Obama and give him time to enact his plan? Do we agree he has had his chance and its time to let someone else stake over? These questions reveal Obama's third opponent...the economy.

Right now Obama is leading the race, but by a slight margin. The state of the economy may be enough to pull Obama down and give Romney the edge to win. People must believe there is growth and the economy is doing better. A poll has shown many people believe Romney has the business expertise to handle the economy. This may be what the people want, a fresh start, someone they believe is skilled in the area of economics. This poses a major threat to Obama.

Romney sees this opportunity and attacks Obama about his slow progress in the economy. Romney's campaign does exactly that in this ad against Obama Unemployment. Americans are watching how the economy is panning out as the election draws near. It's clear Obama recognizes the threat of his third opponent and I believe he will make steps to tackle this problem. Will Americans continue to put trust in our current President or choose to go in a new direction. It's a close race and only time will tell. As for me I will be keeping an eye of any updates while taking time off my blog for football camp in August. Stay tuned!