Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Do the right thing: Enemy of the State Episode 4

Olivia devastated? Couldn't be, but the episode begins with a shaken up Olivia Pope. I guess the news about Amanda's pregnancy really took its toll on her. After her encounter with Stephen, Olivia is made aware that there is an army in her office. Olivia puts on her game face and addresses the issue. It seems the enemy of the United States, dictator Benicio Flores is in need of Olivia's services to find his kidnapped family. Olivia takes him as a client. This says two things about Olivia, she doesn't discriminate no matter how the case may look and also that she is so respected leaders from other countries look for her help.

We get breaking news when Olivia tells Amanda to quit the fairy tales and demands what she's looking to get out of this situation. Amanda goes for the throat as she says she will keep the baby and announce to the world that the President did her wrong. What I want to know is why Amanda is so pressed about having five minutes with the President face to face. If you turn down ten million dollars for five minutes I would want to think those five minutes will be historical. Right now there is a lot of smoke in the air about whats going on, and that is a good thing. Cyrus was acting suspicious from the last episode when he lied to Olivia and the President. It is obvious Cyrus has a hidden agenda, but what it may be remains to be seen.

Cyrus has something against Olivia as he brings a team in to dig up dirt on Olivia special team. We are now four episodes into the series and details about who they are remain vague. This, to me, is a key moment in the episode as the once untouchable team is being broke down to find where they're vulnerable at. What is even more interesting is the fact that the information uncovered about the team just leads to more questions about who they really are. I was shocked to find out that Quinn's identity did not exist before she started with Olivia, so who is she really?  This leads me to believe she has a much greater role than the show has revealed.

The next analysis I want to bring up is the role of the reporter Gideon. He has been way to consistent in the show to not have a larger role in the unraveling plot. The whole Amanda scandal has a sketchy vibe to it already. Why is Gideon still poking his nose around, especially when Olivia gave him a great career move to distract him from pursuing the scandal. Could it be he sees a greater value and what could be the biggest story to rattle America?

Meanwhile, Abby and Stephen find Flores's wife and kids at a women's shelter. She explains to them that she wasn't kidnapped, but wants to leave him. Abby realizing the trouble she is in wanted to help her escape the dictator. Abby lies to Olivia about her status with his wife and secretly places them in a hotel. Eventually, Olivia figures it out and has the wife and kids back at the office before Abby finds out. As Abby walks in, Olivia reunites the family to the satisfied dictator. The next moment that occurred was very genuine and a reality check. We are so use to seeing Olivia dominate with a "no questions asked" policy that when Abby retaliates against her the moment demands your attention. Everyone has been in a situation when their leader is wrong, what I love so much about this scene is that Abby reminds Olivia who she is and what she stands for. Abby does it in such a tone that Olivia can't deny the error of her ways and that she needs to fix what she did about giving up the wife to Flores. Olivia was forced to not think about what the book says to do, but listen to her heart which is what got her there. How often to we as people forget who we are, a reality check reminds us to stay grounded.

Remember how I said that the Amanda scandal is a bit sketchy, well it gets even more suspicion as Amanda tells someone on the phone she can't go through with it. I like this because it ties in with a scene a few episodes back with Amanda was talking to a mystery person. Tying in subtle elements from previous episodes puts together a brilliantly woven story. Olivia does what she is known to do and tries to help the wife escape. When confronted by Flores, the wife explains she wasn't kidnapped and she just left. Flores, finally understand the weight of the situation, said she could leave, but he must take his children.

This is the most dynamic part of Scandal in my opinion. Olivia Pope's way of forcing her will upon others is breath taking Who would question a dictator taking his kids back with him, why would he feel threatened? Well Olivia Pope knows why and lets him have it, claiming that his wife will bounce back, write books, tarnish his name as a leader and father, and become a hero for being stripped of her kids. This would ultimately cause a uprising, which would threaten his political power, I honestly was astonished by her witty demeanor. Olivia demonstrates a very unique character trait, which puts her on the pedestal once again as the hero.
The show ends with Amanda being kidnapped, someone's playing dirty. Stay tuned for my analysis of the following sequences of the next episode of Scandal!

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  1. Hey Nick- I really like the banner at the top of your blog. It is definitely eye-popping and intriguing at the same time. I also like your analysis in this post, specifically how you linked back Amanda "talking to a mystery person" to a connection from prior episodes.