Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Four Quarters Part 2: The Trail Episode 6

Now what I find most interesting about this brief road down memory lane is the different light it sheds on Olivia Pope as a woman. I have had many talks regarding her role as a black women in power with my peers. many were disapointed that she had to be sleeping with the President and be considered a mistress. After this, I think it is clear to see that Olivia is far from a mistress in the eyes of the President. His relationship is just a show for the public, while meanwhile his wife and him cannot have a personal conversation. Whenever Olivia and the Governor (at the time) would be around each other you could feel the chemistry before either of them acknowledge it. Now is Olivia considered a mistress because the President has a family in the public eyes or is she the women of the President's dreams who is forced to keep their relationship covered up to prevent public scruntiny. I believe that's a question to think about that can reevaluate how we classify things.

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