Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Quinn!: Grant For The People Episode 7

The moment I have been waiting for has finally came! Throughout my coverage of the first season of Scandal I questioned Quinn's role within the series. Let's take this time to back track and see how Quinn has developed as a character. In the first episode, Quinn came off as a spunky girl who had it going on when she encountered Harrison. After Harrison explained there was no way shape or form this was a blind date and that this was an interview for Olivia Pope, we see Quinn fall into her naive role in the organization. All through the season Quinn followed the steps of Olivia, looking like an intern. She questioned a lot of the operations and was generally left in confusion. As this seemly oblivious Quinn made her journey through the episodes, I only wanted to know one thing. What was her point?

Her character was the first person to be seen when the show had started, there was no way I would believe that she would play such an insignificant role within the show. Up until this point, I was beginning to lose faith in Quinn's relevance in Scandal's enticing plot. I should have had more faith, because as the season finale arrives Quinn's mysterious role begins to be revealed.

Quinn finds Gideon with scissors in his neck, as she tries to do what she can to save him he dies. Instead of calling the police Quinn calls Olivia and the gang, that's interesting. What's more interesting is the fact that Quinn is not who we think she is and she is not allowed to be identified by the police, therefore they must erase any evidence of her tampering within the situation. Who is Quinn? Nobody seems to know what is going on but Olivia. This leads into a lot more speculation. Why was this revealed this late in the season, that tends to lead me to believe that this situation may be bigger than anything that has happened so far.

Meanwhile, Billy goes on national television to tell the world he is resigning because of his devastation of the president's affair with his so-called girlfriend Amanda Tanner. The episode then begins to cater to the problem of President Grant trying to figure out a way to get out of this mess. This only leads to President Grant accepting the fact that there might not be a way out and losing his presidency but gaining Olivia's love. Olivia, confused by obvious emotions over the President, chooses business over personal agenda and comes up with a plan to clear his name. When I finally found out why Billy went through all of this trouble to create this scandal on the President I thought it was stupid. He sacrificed his freedom and good name just to get President Grant out of office and have the Vice President take over the position. Honestly, if he was going to go through all of that and end up murdering a man I would of hoped it would've been for a stronger reason. Another disappointment came from how the scandal was solved. The First Lady would claim it was her on the sex tape and America is just suppose to believe them, I guess when the Vice President backed up their story and said Billy's accusations were false it built more credibility. Still, it seemed to simple of a solution for such a large scale problem that took all season to build up.

The real story in the season finale is Quinn. Through her mystery and randomness in the show, she left a space of confusion to the viewer wanting to know what she had to do with anything. David brings Quinn back to Olivia handcuffed. Clearly she is not an ordinary person, because David could have took her to prison but brought her back to Olivia.  In the most interesting point of it all is when Olivia asks Quinn if she should tell them who she is or should I just do it. This tells us that Quinn knew her role this whole time. That's the missing piece the viewers weren't getting and Scandal did a great job covering that up. Can't wait to start season two next week!

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