Monday, July 23, 2012

Put Away The Muscle?

Everyone has been made aware of the tragic event that had occurred in Aurora, Colorado. An unnecessary slaughter of innocent lives who only wished to enjoy the latest installment of the Batman series. The shooter, James Holmes, used a semi-automatic, a shotgun, and a pistol to kill people in the theater. Obama has expressed his sympathy and what follows that becomes a reemerging issue, where do we go with gun laws?

As America seemed to wait for Obama to address the issues on guns, he avoided the subject never mentioning the word gun. In 2008, Obama reassured arms bearers he would not take away their guns. Obama seems to believe that there is no need for new gun laws. He wants to use the existing gun laws to prohibit those who shouldn't have guns not to have them with a thorough background check.

Romney, as a governor of Massachusetts, had to deal with strict gun laws. There he supported a ban against assault weapons. Even with this background Romney doesn't believe it is a need to create any new laws for gun control. Romney says as President he would do a more efficient job enforcing the current laws.

It seems that neither candidate is really set on changing the gun control laws. I'm not completely familiar with how strict it is to obtain firearms state by state, but feel better background checks can be put to use. I agree that there should not be anymore laws created, but enforce the ones in place better. Yes, the Colorado shooting was unfortunate, but their is really no way of controlling a random attack like that. I don't think making it harder to obtain weapons will stop these kind of crimes from happening. People deserve to have protection in the event someone may invade their home in such a manner. It shouldn't always be like that, but we live in a violent world and its better safe than sorry.

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