Monday, July 30, 2012

Experience Matters

Bill Clinton was the President for most my childhood. I didn't know much about politics, but I did like Bill Clinton. My father would always talk about how he made the economy better and he was a popular President. People understood that Clinton knew how to get the economy together, and what better time would it be to get advice from the former President.

Obama recently announced that Bill Clinton will speak at the Democratic National Convention. This is a very strategical move on the behalf of Obama in my opinion. The Democratic party will show unity that the Republican party can't display. The popularity and respect of Bill Clinton will strengthen voters support in Obama's policies for the economy. 

Clinton seemed enthusiastic to speak on behalf of Obama. Clinton will begin by addressing that rebuilding the economy will start from the middle class. It seems like the ties between Obama and Clinton have strengthen and just in time for reelection. 

Will this create more voters to side with Obama? I don't believe it will do any damage to his campaign. Citizens understand at the end of the day the vote will come down to who can fix the economy. America needs more jobs, families want to live comfortably, so you can never go wrong focusing on the economy. When it comes to advice, Clinton's the man to get it from. Let's see how this effects Obama's campaign.


  1. Having Bill Clinton speak at the Democratic National Convention is definitely a good move on behalf of the Obama and Democratic team. The Democratic Party does seem to be better at creating stronger unity amongst its party when compared to the Republican Party. It almost seem like Obama is using Clinton for his popularity in order to win over voters. If Obama can connect the country’s economic state from when Clinton was in office to Obama’s name, this could be a very positive step towards Obama possibly staying in the White House. Though our economy was pretty great during the Clinton days, I’m not sure that was all Clinton’s doing. Part of me has to think the state of the economy is somehow related to the doings of the previous president, since it would be this individual who would have paved the way/set the economy up for the incoming president. In this case, that would be George H. Bush.

  2. Although I am not familiar with George H. Bush's policies, he may in fact have had an influence on the economy during Clinton's terms. Still, Clinton deserves a lot of credit. By developing a better welfare reform, rewarding work by expanding the earned income credit, raising minimum wage, and many other acts have proved to develop a better economy.