Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gun Control: To Have Guns Or Not

I have revisited the idea of gun control, should American citizens have guns or not? Many countries outside of America do not allow their citizens to carry guns, does this really decrease the chance of firearm attacks. It may or it may not, based on this article some countries' gun violence have risen after stricter gun laws, while some proved to be civil with guns. So, I ask the question again, should American citizens have guns or not, and the answer without a doubt is yes.

The second amendment was first given to the people to prevent tyranny against a controlling government. Citizens could create militias and protect themselves. Taking away Americans' guns will do something psychological to the people as it will seem as if the government is trying to take control of our lives, this is a Democracy. What may have worked in other countries doesn't necessarily mean it will work in America. If guns are taken away, the black market will seize the opportunity to make a large profit from guns because they will be in high demand. No matter how strict the laws become, there will always be someone with a supply just as there is with every illegal drug. All illegal activities can't be monitored. How safe would you feel knowing there are people with guns and you legally can't own one. Of course I would rather no one have a gun and we all get along peacefully, but this is the real world and a criminal is not going to care about your opinion on gun control.

The next question is should citizens be allowed to purchase assault weapons. In theory, you want to fight fire power with more fire power. If someone is shooting a M16, the person with a pistol will not get a shot off. Thinking along the lines of extreme cases, if someone attacks me with an assault rifle I will have a better chance using an assault rifle. Now should we let an onslaught of bullets spray randomly? When it comes to fully automatic guns this may be the case, but a semi-automatic is able to exchange a high rate of fire while only releasing one bullet at a time when the trigger is squeezed and let go. If someone is trained, they would be able to hit their target effectively without putting other lives in danger. I feel if someone else has a powerful gun, you should want one too; but I am a rational man and realize these are extreme cases. The line must be drawn somewhere, everyone can't be running around with assault weapons. At the end of the day I agree there should be a ban on assault weapons.

I realize that many people are not comfortable around guns and thats understandable. I grew up around many families who owned guns and still provided a safe atmosphere at home. I have a friend whose family taught her how to assemble a gun and will buy her one as soon as she graduates college. Obviously her family feels she is more likely to be a victim to a crime and believe that will make her safer. The point is, some people truly believe they need a gun for protection. If you don't, that's fine you have the right to not buy one. That doesn't mean take the right away from the person who believes they should own a gun. This is America, guns will always be around regardless if they are banned or not. One might as well have the option to legally own one.

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  1. I agree with you that as long as other people possess guns (especially criminals), we also deserve the right to own them. Since we can never eliminate the black market or stop all criminals, I don't think it would be fair to prohibit law-abiding citizens from possessing a means of protection. That being said, I still think we need more severe gun control laws and regulations in order to reduce crime, and I think this is an issue that needs to be adequately addressed by our lawmakers. I discussed this topic in depth in one of my video blogs, "Shooting in Aurora: Why won't our politicians respond adequately on the issue of gun control?" ....check it out!