Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rising Climax: Episodes 2.5 - 2.9

        Scandal's sharp fast paced style continues to demand the viewers attention. Everything from their witty conversational skills down to the signature snapshot effects as the scenes transition to each quick snap. Throughout these four episodes the dramatic conspiracy Olivia Pope is in begins to quickly unravel itself. The misdirection of the show is brilliant as well as the relevance to politics in reality. In "All Roads Lead To Fitz", the conspiracy circle is becoming vulnerable as David begins putting together the pieces to make connections. Huck is starting to have a romantic involvement with the girl at his AA meetings. Cyrus's husband begins to resume his work as a journalist, which does not please Cyrus at all. Olivia is forcing a relationship with Senator Davis in an attempt to detach from President Grant. In the end Abby runs to David with information, little does she know, Olivia has the house bugged and plans to end their relationship.
        The next episode "Spies Like Us", distracts us from the rising conflict as it brews in the background. Instead a group of spies are gathered to find out which one was going to leak information on Huck's group B613. Olivia keeps them locked in a room until they can figure out who the mole is amongst them. Meanwhile, Cyrus's husband James bad mouths Hollis Doyle on the front page of the New York Times creating tension between the conspiracy circle. Slowly we see this inner group breaking down and not being able to trust each other. The secret coming out is inevitable and near. Harrison plants the idea into Abby's head that David is a women beater and Olivia pays his ex to claim he was. Abby eats the bait and stops messing with David. Olivia has seemed to slow David down on his hunt, but will that be enough?
"Defiance" begins to finally open up this huge conspiracy the show has been teasing us with. David meets up with James to explain his findings. David has gotten his job back and cannot continue to investigate the case, but gives it off to James to look into. It took a second, but after certain connection take place in James head he decides to head to Defiance, Ohio to see if what he thinks will upheld. It seems Olivia and the rest of the people involved in the President Grants campaign run for President agreed to use rigged voting machines to win a crucial county to get the election. James finds the memory cards that proves this and brings it back to Washington D.C. President Grant gives Senator Davis the Majority Leader Seat signaling he is finally over Olivia, maybe. Quinn figures out that Huck was the man who kidnapped her. At the point the Olivia agrees to escort Senator Davis to the President's birthday celebration. Right before President Grant gets out of his limo, Mellie says they shouldn't get out. President Grant doesn't care and they exit only to see a onslaught of sniper bullets hail at the President and his entourage.
        "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" was amazingly vivid, the slowed down motions captured the effect of confusion and disbelief. The President had been shot in the head and was unconscious, no one knew whether he would live or not. The show broadcasted a breaking news segment that covered the story as if the President had been shot in real life. The uncertainty, pain, and clutter painted this episode as the nation scrambled in confusion. I personally was I awe watching this episode, on the edge of my seat wondering if the President would pull through. Olivia remembered who she really cared for as she reminisced about President Grant. When the show is concluding, we get one more look at the shooting from the sniper's perspective. What is compelling is the fact that the show Huck cleaning up the bullet cases. The climax continues to rise.

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