Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Disloyal: Beltway Unbuckled 2.4

As the show continues down its twisting path, we see Olivia making under the radar visits to the Supreme Court Justice. It seems that Olivia is distancing herself from a lot of people lately. The President and the First Lady's relationship continues to suffer as Mellie tells President Grant to find somewhere else to sleep. President Grant will not sleep in the same bed as his wife because he is still distraught about Olivia. It becomes very clear that Mellie is getting aggravated with her husband's actions and is on the verge of doing something drastic.

A new case breaks out for Olivia to handle. A girl named Jenny has been missing and her parents came to Olivia and Associates for their services. Olivia says the best thing they can do is go public. Well that was a good idea until Harrison discovered that she was actually the girl who was making the sexual blogs about the politicians. This back fired, giving the media ammo to discredit her name. When Jenny's killer is found out to be a politician with immunity, Olivia makes it a national case to show politicians should not be above the law.

Olivia goes to President grant to ask for a favor and get the immunity for the corrupt politician overridden. President Grant was a little more stern this time telling Olivia he will do o such thing. As the protest began to die down, people wondered how much longer it would be before this issue became yesterday's news. The first disloyal action was Mellie as you called a private meeting with Olivia to stand by the families side and support. Even though the President and First Lady are in a relationship where the affair is obvious, it has become a mutual acceptance that this was the way things were. When Mellie choose to undermine the President, it was a low blow to him and also put him in a situation where he was forced to respond.

Olivia has become very distant and her teammates are becoming aware of this. Abby wants to get in so bad, but Olivia will not let her. Abby takes the next disloyal act and begins to assist David on his investigation on what he believe to be a conspiracy that is coming from the top. President Grant is so lost in his feelings for Olivia that he makes another effort to speak with her. When Olivia won't give in, President Grant finally lets her go. At this point Olivia starts to cry, which I thought was silly because she has been egging him on to let her go for the longest. In in the end, we see Olivia, Mellie, the Supreme Court Justice, and the Tycoon of the Oil Company sit in for a meeting. Is it a conspiracy, is Olivia the one being disloyal to everyone else? What's even more interesting is the President doesn't seem to know anything about this.

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